Aesthetic professional offering the following fillers



starting at  £80
Contour packages – can be used in the following areas – lips / cheeks / chin / jawline / nose / temple / marionette lines / nasal fold
Anything above, will be a £90 per ml charge.

Aqualyx fat dissolving

Prices start at £160, please call for further information.


Plasma Gel Fillers

The safe alternative branded fillers – plasma is taken from your own blood (by our medical specialist Ashton), it is then spun, heated and formed into a filler. The benefits are that you cannot reject this or cause a blockage. It is super safe, it will however sting a little for around 2 minutes.






(up to around 4ml)£250

Plasma Gel Body Filler

as above but will need to be repeated at least three times to gain desired effects.

Bum filler prices


3 sessions


4 sessions


5 sessions


6 sessions


7 – 10 sessions


PRP Vampire Facial

the safest alternative to your likes to botox – this is once again taken from your own blood, spun and reinjected into the necessary area. Results are long term and will continue to work up to 18 months.

Full face


Under eye bags




Full face & neck


Hand rejuvenation


Fibro Blast



 £ 100

Eye area

 £ 100

Lower face

 £ 100

Full face

 £ 265


£ 150 –£ 180


 £ 85


 £ 60


 £ 75

Watershine BB Glow

(includes pumpkin peel)£ 120
 PDO Threads  
 Cheeks  £ 40
 Jaw line £65 – £ 80
 Neck £65 – £ 100
 Full Face  £ 180
 Face & Neck  £ 225
 PDO Body to lift  
 PCL Threads – much like our PDO thread lift, however a stronger and longer lasting (18 – 24 months time frame) result.
Full lower face £ 230
Full face £ 300
Full face and neck £ 400
Neck only £ 200
 NO NEEDLE THREAD LIFT – unbelievable treatment, via acid tunneling.
Full face £ 120
Full face and neck £ 200
Course of 4 full face at £ 375
Course of full face and neck at £ 670
 Buttocks £ 300 – £ 550
 Stomach area £ 250 – £ 400
 Knees £ 100 – £ 200
 Other areas on consultation
The product that is over taking botox results – giving a more instant result, whilst also continuing to improve daily, and continue working for up to 18 months.
5 point face £250
8 point face £360
Collagen Q
Mixture of Profhilo AND PDO threads – literally the instant and non – surgery face lift – this will turn back time from 5 – 10 years
Half face threads £250
Full face and neck threads (This will be an extreme difference)£500
Microneeding pen with a mixture of serums.£ 50
Advanced meseotherapy gun with hyaluronic acid£ 120
Aqua Gold/WOW Fusion Meseotherapy
Gold plated titanium needles, as fine as human hair, improves hydration, texture, tone and structure of the skin, using a combination of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and a secret ingredient that we can’t tell you… because that’s the best bit !! Results include plumping of the skin immediately after treatment and continue to improve week by week.
Slimming and cellulite busting:
Brand new enhanced titanium gold dermaroller designed to fight cellulite and dramatically improve£ 50
Aqualyx Brand. This injection will target only the area P so ideal for those persistent areas.
 Small areas£ 65
 Large areas£ 120
Deso Brand – a brand new top of the Range slimming product – again working on fatty pockets.
 Small  areas£ 80
 Large areas 10ml vial £250
Body remodelling – will break down cellulite within 2-6 sessions.
 1 session£ 65
 4 session£ 180
Micro – Infusion Toxin-Peptide facial – for ultimate air brush skin
full face£ 150
Hair regrowth solutions
PRP hair regrowth
Small areas£ 100
Full head2-8 sessions generally needed£ 200
Hair regrowth solutions
PRP premium – with secret ingredient for a more rapid result time
Small areas£ 140
Full head2-8 sessions generally needed£ 240
Courses available at a discounted rate for both hair options.
Skin problems (face)
Eyebag and dark circle treatment£ 80
Will target only the eye area and give a dramatic difference. Add PRP eye area for an additional £30 for a long term result.
Pigmentation control – course is needed depending on how bad the area is to begin
 1 treatment£ 65
 4 treatments£ 160

Acne bust: stops the growth of bacteria – a MUST have for those suffering from active acne

 1 treatment£ 65
 4 treatments£ 160

Tooth whitening

                                                                   1 Person                                                     £70

                                                               2 Person together                     £120 – £60 pp



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