Facials – luxury facial 30 min treatment

30 min.

£ 18

Facials – luxury facial 45 min treatment

45 min.

£ 22

MDA Facial

1x 30 min treatment

£ 20

6x 30 min treatments

£ 85

10x 30 min treatments

£ 165

Micro current/ radio frequency

1x 30 min treatment

£ 30

6x 30 min treatments

£ 105

10x 30 min treatments

£ 220

Dermaroller facial face and neck

£ 50

Dermaplaning facial

£ 35

Coming Soon

Plasmablast, HIFU, Snake Venom Facial and NOTOX

Eyes Treatments

Wax/Tint/Shape and Lift

Starts From

£ 12

Hi Brow

£ 30

Russian Volume Lashes

£ 75


£ 37

Classic Lashes

£ 50

Waxing Available

Starts From



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