Our award winning team of experienced hair stylists and professional make up artists are passionate about creating stylish looks that exceed our client’s expectations. Our goal is for each and every client to walk out of our salon, feeling satisfied and confident. Rest assured, that we would never let a client leave our salon, without a smile on their face.

Why should you trust our team of hair stylists and make up artists? Our team was fortunate enough to be named the London Fashion Week Award Winning Team of 2015 and have collaborated with a variety of well-known, designer brands. Examples of which include, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu. All of whom are incredibly selective, when it comes to choosing hair stylists and make up artists for their marketing campaigns and fashion shoots. After all, a models hair and makeup should sell a brand’s image.

So if you’re interested in having your very own, award winning, glam squad transform you into a supermodel, for a wedding, a ball or a date, it’s well worth visiting Decadence Hair and Makeup Salon. If you’d like our team to recreate a high fashion look from your favourite style magazine, just ask as our passionate stylists will be more than willing to fulfil your special request.
Better yet, as our hair stylists and makeup artists are used to working together, to create complementary looks, you’re sure to walk out the doors looking like a million dollars. Our stylists are even able to put together a look, which has been carefully designed to complement your outfit.

Whilst our team is able to give you a makeover for a special event, we also love helping our clients update their everyday look. If you’re bored of your current hairstyle and would like to freshen up your everyday look, it’s also worth booking a consultation with one of our creative hair stylists. If you have a particular hairstyle in mind or would like to dye your hair a new, vibrant shade, one of experienced hair stylists, will be able to turn your vision for your new exciting hairstyle into reality.

Alternatively, if you’re stuck in a bit of a style rut and don’t have a particular hair style in mind, your personal hair stylist will be able to give you a variety of ideas. As an example, if you have a heart shaped face, our dedicated hair stylists will be able to provide you with a variety of possible hairstyles, which suit heart shaped faces. After all, whilst one hairstyle may look fantastic on one of your friends, there may be other styles, which suit your face better.


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A women who cuts her hair is about to change her Life. – Coco Chanel



Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. – Bella Louisville